The Pot Plot Series (Video)

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Over 7 hours! Part 1. The Pot Plot and the Marijuana Controversy. Dr. Wesley Muhammad introduces an intellectual argument against the recreational use of marijuana. The gross denial of its use and reliance on dogmatism has given birth to a new "religion" of marijuana use—especially among Black men and women in the United States of America. Dr. Muhammad exposes the many hands behind dysgenic science—the cultivation of undesirable traits in human beings. Marijuana is one of the most powerful tools in creating impaired people in the Black community.

Part 2: The Pot Plot and the Testosterone Conspiracy. Is the United States government engaging in numerous psycho-chemical operations designed to keep Black men in America in a state of perpetual inferiority to the white power structure? Dr. Wesley Muhammad says "YES!" Moreover, using historical and modern sources, he explains how it is done through one of many programs. One of which is the now beloved marijuana plant. This presentation includes a question and answer session recorded during a live internet broadcast.

Part 3: In this third of a series about the ever-popular recreational drug known as weed, Dr. Wesley Muhammad discusses a sub-topic called: “Marijuana and the Feminizing of the Black Man. Fact or Dr. Wesley's Fiction?” His exposé of the marijuana conspiracy is not a public rant. This plot is linked to a greater program of white supremacy—a reality that thrives on a weak and ineffectual Black male. The slides from the presentation are included as a PDF file. Excerpt is from the video edition.

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The Pot Plot Series (Video)

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